Ken Worster

I'm the technology director of a Maine elementary school by trade and the father of six.  I am an Amateur Radio operator and enjoy electronics and model rocketry.  As technology director, my current long term goals for my district are to:
  • Extend the 1 to 1 computing model from middle school down into the lower grades
  • Standardize an online learning environment based on Google Apps for Education
  • Utilize open source software and hardware to expand technology instruction while limiting financial impact 
When implementing a new technology initiative in my district, I first look to the open source world for solutions.  Examples of open source tools currently in use at my school include:
  • Linux kiosks powered by David Trask's Open1to1 InternetOS, which provide in-classroom computing for grades K to 5 students
  • pfSense providing perimeter router services
  • Virtualized server platform utilizing XenServer for the virtualization engine, FreeNAS for centralized storage, and TurnKey GNU/Linux for server OSes
  • After school electronics club utilizing Arduino to learn basic programming concepts